My name is Kaitlyn Connolly and I am 16 years young. I was raised in South Lake Tahoe until I moved to the beautiful town of Santa Barbara around age eight. I created this blog to capture images of beautiful people in any type of Patagonia clothing in any kind of environment. If you look into the pictures at a deeper level you might be able to find a story, any story you can find you can keep. I was inspired to create this blog because I have a passion for photography and I finally get to put it to use. I chose the brand Patagonia because I personally love what that company is all about. I’ve also observed that when people wear a patagonia they have a unique look to them, even just in a plain black down jacket. All i’m trying to pursue is shooting fresh faces and finding the most bizarre places to do so. So please, enjoy. Feel free to contact me through any social media at any time!

Contact/ Social Media-

Email: kconnolly145@yahoo.com

Instagram: @_kaittt__

Facebook: Kaitlyn Connolly


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